A unique opportunity to grasp

Showing the talent, the excellence and the know-how of the whole country, where sport has ancient roots but looks to the future: this is Cortina

The FIS Alpine World Ski Championships are an excellent opportunity for the country and for the Italian sports sector. Cortina obtained the bid and this gives the chance to the Queen of the Dolomiti and to Italy to organise an event that will attract the attention of the whole sports world, with important investments and advantages for tourism.
Organize a unique event, build on the tradition, open the doors to the future: this is the mission of Fondazione Cortina2021.


President of Fondazione Cortina 2021


Lawyer, former Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio officer, holds the position of Managing Director of Cortina 2021 Foundation.


Former Italian rower, silver medal in Sidney, appointed by CONI.


Former downhill skier and now coach, appointed by FISI.

Fondazione Cortina 2021.

The ordinary founding members of Fondazione Cortina 2021 are FISI (Italian Winter Sports Federation), the Municipality of Cortina, the Province of Belluno and the Veneto Region.

Honorary members are CONI and the Prime Minister’s Office.

The members of the Steering Council, led by President Riccardo Donadon, are Alberto Piccin, Igor Ghedina, Roberto Bortoluzzi, appointed by FISI; the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister’s Office Luca Lotti; Roberto Fabbricini and Carlo Mornati, appointed by CONI; the Interim Cortina d’Ampezzo Administrator Carlo De Rogatis; Roberto Padrin, appointed by the Province of Belluno, and Flavio Roda, President of FISI appointed by the FIS council for Italy. The CEO of the foundation is the Lawyer Paolo Nicoletti.

Rome, Venice, Cortina: “Together for the World Championships”

The institutional transversal line-up that took part in the presentation of the bid for Cortina believes that this time the bid will be successful. It is the chance to relaunch not only the Queen of the Dolomites, but the whole mountain tourism and the sports sector, working on new connections and infrastructures that will make it competitive at international levels.

Cortina reached an important achievement, with perseverance, talent and passion

Giovanni MalagòConi president

It will be the reinaissance of the Dolomiti

Luca ZaiaPresident of the Veneto Region

Guys, in Mexico we jumped on the Championships

Kristian GhedinaTestimonial Candidatura Cortina2021

Cortina2021 is the opportunity for Cortina and the all territory

Gianpietro GhedinaMajor of Cortina d'Ampezzo

We won because we demonstrated credibility

Flavio RodaFISI President

This event will introduce and live the mountains to all Italian citizens

Luca LottiMinister of Sport

A global event open to the future with athletes and young generation involved in the project.

Paolo NicolettiLawyer, former FIGC officer, holds the position of MD.


Welcome back on track, Cortina!
Share the path that we are going to do together.

Useful information

The Queen of the Dolomites is only a little over 150 kilometres (94 miles) from the Veneto capital, a short two-hour drive on the A27 motorway (Venice – Belluno). It can also be reached from the Brennero A22 motorway (exit at Bressanone and then continue towards Dobbiaco and Cortina), which is better when coming from Lombardy and Austria.

The train stations closest to Cortina are Calalzo di Cadore (35 km) and Dobbiaco, linked to the Queen of the Dolomites by a bus service that runs in connection with train arrivals and departures. The “Grand Turismo” bus service that connects Cortina to the train stations of Venezia-Mestre is extremely comfortable and quick (only two and four hours respectively). A train-bus service also runs from Milan and Rome, with travel times of five and six hours.

During high season, there are bus services to and from the main airports, railway stations and capital cities of many Italian regions.

The best airports for visiting Cortina are Venice, Treviso, Verona, Bologna, Trieste and Innsbruck. Daily and seasonal connections link the Queen of the Dolomites to Venice Airport. Connections with the main flights are very good, and travel time is just over two hours, on extremely comfortable buses. During high season, there are also bus services to and from the airports of Treviso and Bologna.

For further information about Cortina 2021 contact us at info@cortina2021.com