A chance to ski towards the future

The mountain as the laboratory, skiing as the way of putting new technologies to the test, innovation as a priority in sport: this is Cortina 2021

Innovation and new technologies: a chance that must be taken

For Italy, winning the bid for the 2021 Alpine World Ski Championships is a great opportunity to bring innovation to the mountain world, taking it at the forefront of Europe and into the future.

A greener, safer and more digital type of mountain

Sensors, augmented reality and new materials revolutionise performance and safety.
Clothing will become more intelligent, masks will provide information on our performance, new materials will make skiing safer and safer.
Renewable energy and sustainable development: an event that enhances, rather than affect, the whole mountain ecosystem.

State of the art world championships

The objective will be to offer the best possible experience. 2021 will be the year when many technologies that are being developed today will be available to us all, making skiing an even more unique sport. Champions and fans will have the same adrenaline.

A dream for the younger generation

The chance to imagine and plan the future that they want to live, as main players, both today and tomorrow: this is Cortina

The Italian youth movement is one of the strongest in the world

Young people that can today be found in the European Cup circuits, or at the Italian Gran Prix. Young people that have taken part in the Youth Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, returning home loaded with medals.

“We work to become champions: in 2021 we will be 19 and if good enough we will be on the ski run”

Lucrezia, Matilde, Valentina and Beatrice, all members of Sci Club Cortina; when they talk about skiing, their eyes light up.

The youth of Cortina will be there

On the run, among the organisers, or among voluntary workers; no matter what, they will be there. This is the spirit of the young people of Cortina in living the dream of 2021. What emerges is mainly their love for their country, which is even stronger and more intense than their passion, skiing.
They dream world championships that will contribute to a relaunch, capable of bringing everyone together in the name of sport.


Bringing the 2021 world championship to Italy and Cortina is something that we all must achieve together.

Useful information

The Queen of the Dolomites is only a little over 150 kilometres (94 miles) from the Veneto capital, a short two-hour drive on the A27 motorway (Venice – Belluno). It can also be reached from the Brennero A22 motorway (exit at Bressanone and then continue towards Dobbiaco and Cortina), which is better when coming from Lombardy and Austria.

The train stations closest to Cortina are Calalzo di Cadore (35 km) and Dobbiaco, linked to the Queen of the Dolomites by a bus service that runs in connection with train arrivals and departures. The “Grand Turismo” bus service that connects Cortina to the train stations of Venezia-Mestre is extremely comfortable and quick (only two and four hours respectively). A train-bus service also runs from Milan and Rome, with travel times of five and six hours.

During high season, there are bus services to and from the main airports, railway stations and capital cities of many Italian regions.

The best airports for visiting Cortina are Venice, Treviso, Verona, Bologna, Trieste and Innsbruck. Daily and seasonal connections link the Queen of the Dolomites to Venice Airport. Connections with the main flights are very good, and travel time is just over two hours, on extremely comfortable buses. During high season, there are also bus services to and from the airports of Treviso and Bologna.

For further information about Cortina 2021 contact us at info@cortina2021.com