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The dream of Cortina’s kids: «It will be our world championship»

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On the ski slopes, among the organizers or the volunteers. Whatever will be, they’ll be there. This is the spirit of Cortina’s kids on the 2021 world championships. What mainly emerges is their love for their town, stronger and more intense than what they feel for their passion, skiing. We have asked Beatrice Ghedina, Giovanni Fassina and Diego Manaigo, three kids as many, in five years they may be of the right age to race on the Tofane slopes. They admit that, even if they are talented, their talent won’t be enough to become professionals. But that doesn’t matter: at Cortina 2021 they will all be there, and they all dream that the world championships become an opportunity for revival, able to bring together everyone under the flag of sport. “This project belongs to everyone, it will mark the future of the entire valley”, Diego, 19 years old, explains. He has already quit competitive skiing to start coaching. Collaboration and involvement are the keywords to turn the event into an opportunity.

“The organization is already there – Beatrice explains – just look at the successful World Cup: we are one of the very few locations which can host the event under too much snow, like two years ago, and with no snow at all”. These young people have the same spirit of 1956, when Cortina teamed up and organized such Olympic Games which made an impression on the entire world, bringing tourism and contributing to create a legend: “We will be there, whatever role we will play, because it’s an opportunity – Giovanni says -. I’d like to be the forerunner like I did during the World Cup, but also joining the committees of volunteers is an opportunity to give a hand”. Yes, volunteers: one thousand may be needed. “They will come from all over Italy”, Diego says confidently. Even at twenty these kids understand the need of their peers and know how to convince sceptics: a constant party, with attractions for athletes, exactly like in Austria or in Alta Badia.

“Currently the type of client is different, Cortina has few vacationers and many residents or people with a second home. But how cool would it be if the World Championships also attracted people who don’t care about competitive skiing?”. The kids close their eyes for a moment, and see a marquee playing music from the end of the races until midnight, famous djs playing their hits between rounds, venues full of cultural initiatives to meet the desires of older people. And at the end of the event, what would be left? “In addition to unforgettable days, the idea that we can also be modern, like our grandparents of 1956”. After all, life is like skiing: if you’re not brave, if you only look behind yourself and don’t refresh your style, not only will you not go fast and be outdone by the others, buy you’ll even risk falling and never getting back up.

Andrea Saule


The momentum of Cortina for the run to Cancún

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All together we will bring the 2021 Alpine Ski World Championships to Cortina. Such result can only be obtained by working together, locals and Fondazione Cortina 2021, aiming at obtaining the official investiture by the International Ski Federation next 9 June in Cancún. Such an objective may eventually be achieved, without «taking anything for granted, but confidently», as Riccardo Donadon, president of the Foundation, said last Thursday 21 April during the first public meeting with the citizens of Cortina. A sea of people, with the Don Pietro Alverà room chock-full of people. An infusion of positive energy in view of the run to next June’s election. Donadon recaps the meeting as follows. «It was good to feel this warmth and the pride of Cortina, in an outstanding setting full of competences».

It was a much-awaited and important date, during which the Foundation introduced itself to the «Queen of the Dolomites», explaining the status of the candidacy, the past achievements and the next steps. Actually, the Fondazione Cortina 2021, with many Cortina natives as its members, has long started meeting local associations: hotel owners, retailers, craftsmen, the Regole d’Ampezzo, in addition to a constant dialogue with the municipal administration and the Veneto Region. Representing the Foundation, in addition to Donadon, were CEO Paolo Nicoletti and some board members. On stage with them, Flavio Roda, Fisi’s chairman. It will be a whirlwind of events: on 27 April the Foundation will give Fis the new version of its Candidacy File. The document was evaluated positively by the International Federation, which only asked for supplements on two aspects: the finish line to be placed at the foot of the Olympia slope of Tofane in Rumerlo area and new roadways connecting the slopes. Next, Mr. Roda and Mr. Malagò, president of Coni, will join Donadon and Nicoletti for a meeting with Fis president Gian-Franco Kasper.

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Dialogue is also the objective of the meetings with the citizens: for the Foundation it is important to listen and talk to citizens. Mr. Donadon expressed his desire to organize for Cortina the «Mondiali del sorriso» (smiling world championships), to feel the warmth, approachability and enthusiasm of the «Queen of the Dolomites», boasting a «baggage of tradition» against which any other mountain location would pale.

«Cortina at Cancún will represent Italy. – Donadon explains – The World Championships in Cortina are one of the three events which can revamp the image of Italy in the world of sports, together with the possibility to hold the next 2024 Olympics in Rome and the 2022 Ryder Cup already assigned to the Italian capital city. We can obtain a very high-level, innovative and sustainable sport event, an opportunity to revamp the Ampezzo area, with a legacy which will remain well after the two weeks of the world championships». The words of Paolo Nicoletti confirm the inseparable bond with the territory. «We met the trade associations of Cortina, together we decided to establish bilateral tables for a constant dialogue on the actions to be taken for the world championships. We will keep Cortina and its territory greatly involved». This is proven by a team, the Foundation’s, with many Cortina natives as its members and a Cortina-shaped heart.


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